Slow Bicycle race

During my college days i went to participateslow bicycle race competetion, I came first in the competetion, when i went to claim mytrophy, my principal kicked me out from hisoffice saying that the trophy goes to theperson who came in the last, because itsSLOW BICYCLE RACE.

Cross country race

During my college days there was a competitionfor cross country race that was around 8 my surprise i found my best friend JHON whowas too lazy and never use to take part in anycompetition came first in that race. when he reachedthe finishing line, me and my friends went towish him. I told him […]

Cockroach killing

my wife is too afraid of cockroaches,one fine day i heard scream of my wife.she saw a cockroach and was screaming. i asked her totake the killing spray and to spray on the cockroach.she took the spray and turned to me and said,”THIS SPRAY IS ONLY TO KILL THE MUSQUITOS,” andhow can it works for […]

Inventing golf

Along time ago two Scottsmen are in a pub.One scottsman says, “I’m going to invent a game.” The second man asks, “What do you have to do?” The first man says, “You have to get a ball in a hole.”The second man asks, “So it’s like billiards?”The first man says, “No, its going to be […]


Three guys from Carolina died and went to hell.Satan went to check on them and saw that they had their shirts off and didn’t mind the heat, so he turned up the heat. He went to check on them again and he saw that they were in their boxers and they still didn’t mind the […]

Sacramento Kings Fan or Lakers Fan?

A Kindergarten teacher tells her class she’s a BIG Lakers fan.She’s really excited about it and asks the kids if they’re Lakers fans too.Everyone wants to impress the teacher and says they’re Lakers fans too, except ONE kid, …named Josh.The teacher looks at Josh and says, “Josh, you’re not a Lakers fan?”He says, “Nope, Im […]

Turkey Football

The pro football team had just finished theirdaily practice session when a large turkey camestrutting onto the field.While the players gazed in amazement, the turkeywalked up to the head coach and demanded a tryout.Everyone stared in silence as the turkey caughtpass after pass and ran right through the defensiveline.When the turkey returned to the sidelines, […]